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Tony Brockman for House District 9


I'm running for re-election to continue representing Evergreen and North Kalispell because my neighbors deserve a homegrown representative who'll focus on the district's most critical legislative work - community safety, jobs & business growth, property tax reduction, and strengthening infrastructure.

I'm asking for your continued trust and vote to ensure House District 8 and Montana remain a place where middle-class trades families, like mine growing up, continue to thrive. Decisions are made by those who show up, and I remain committed to going to the mat for the people of Evergreen and north Kalispell.


Born and raised in Evergreen, Montana will always be my home. Small businesses, fire halls, schools, and hardworking, self-reliant residents make up the pillars of our community, and I have carried those Montana values with me from my earliest days growing up on Solberg Drive.


Since graduating from Flathead High and The University of Montana, I have established myself as an active and dedicated community member. Professionally, I own Lone Pine Media. Named after my go-to local get-a-way spot, Lone Pine is a Kalispell-based digital content development agency focused on helping local and regional small businesses and nonprofits expand their reach and customer base.


Since January 2023, I have represented the people of Evergreen and north Kalispell in the Montana House of Representatives.

Portrait of House District 8 Rep Tony Brockman
Evergreen Tree

Decisions are made by those who show up. I have been showing up and involved in our community for over two decades. Beyond my legislative service, I am a board member for:


Evergreen School District Community Council


Flathead County Economic Development Authority


Flathead County Sheriff's Citizens' Advisory Board

I am an active member of Evergreen and the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce, the Kalispell Daybreak Rotary Club, and the Kalispell Moose Lodge. I was a recipient of the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce's 2022 Community Spirit and 2021 20 Under 40 Awards.


During my freshman session, sixteen pieces of legislation I carried were passed and signed into law. That legislation focused on community safety, jobs and business growth, and strengthening infrastructure. I also supported the Governor's Red Tape Relief Initiative to cut burdensome red tape and make government more accessible and efficient. My proudest accomplishment from the 2023 session is securing funding for the Evergreen Sidewalk Project phase II. As a student, I walked those cow trails along Highway 2, and it's time for Evergreen kids to have safe routes to school.

Evergreen Montana view from the side of the road


Community Safety_2x-8.png
Community Safety

Investing in First Responders and Law Enforcement is more crucial than ever. By prioritizing resources, we will reduce crime, protect kids, and ensure community safety.


Investing in workforce training programs and ensuring Montana's regulatory environment remains friendly to businesses and entrepreneurs creating high-paying jobs and increased opportunities for our students upon graduating

Strong Infrastructure_2x-8.png
Strengthening Infrastructure

Funding is secured for the first phase of Reserve Drive's expansion. However, the project's second and more costly phase still needs funding. Continued investment in road improvements, bridges, wastewater treatment facilities, and broadband internet increases economic opportunities across Big Sky Country.



Second Amendment


Educating our kids is essential. We must prepare our kids for life, work, and continued success. Access to quality education will benefit our community and small businesses for years to come.

I believe in the Second Amendment and will continue defending our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

I am Pro-Life and believe in the sanctity of human life.

Small & Accountable Government

I support limited government that is accountable, transparent, and open to taxpayers.


We need to reduce the tax burden and enact a fair and simple tax code promoting fiscal responsibility of taxpayers' money.

Less Regulation

I will continue to build on the work of the Governor's Red Tape Relief Initiative and eliminate harmful regulations for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Tony Brockman for House District 9


House District 8 Kalispell Evergreen.jpg

Evergreen and North Kalispell is rooted in established neighborhoods and centered on the Montana value of community. House District 8 is home to the Flathead Valley's largest employers and manufacturers and is anchored by the area's best schools, First Responders, and medical facilities. Surrounded by rivers, streams, and agricultural land, Evergreen and north Kalispell have experienced much of our area's recent growth challenges. Yet, they are positioned for incredible opportunities through strategic investments in the coming years.


Have you recently moved? You can quickly check your voter registration status at the Montana Secretary of State's My Voter Page.


The My Voter Page also informs voters of their current Absentee ballot status.

Registering to vote and updating your registration is easy:
  1. Complete the Montana Voter Registration Application Form.

  2. Print form.

  3. Mail or hand-deliver your completed Voter Registration Form to the Flathead County Elections Department, located at:


The Flathead County Elections Department

290 B North Main Street

Kalispell, MT 59901


Do you want to receive your 2024 Primary Election Ballot in the mail? You can request your ballot early by:

  1. Completing the Application for Absentee Ballot form. You can also check "Yes" at the bottom of a new Montana Voter Registration Application form.

  2. Print form.

  3. Mail or hand-delivering it to the Flathead County Elections Department.


Trust is critical. Contributing time and money to candidates seeking elective office requires trust from supporters and voters. I appreciate your confidence in me by donating to and supporting my re-election campaign. I remain committed to having you, your families, and the future of our community at the center of my decision-making in our state legislature. Thank you for your faith and investment in me and my campaign for House District 8 of the Montana House of Representatives

- Tony Brockman

Contributions to my campaign can be made online or by mailing checks to:

Brockman for HD8

PO Box 10016

Kalispell, Montana 59904


Note to Donors:

The maximum individual contribution allowed is $450 per election ($900 Total). Donations from corporations and non-US citizens are not permitted.


Montana law requires a donor’s full name, address, employer, and occupation for donations of more than $35.

40 under 40 Elect


Volunteer for the campaign and show your support with a Brockman for HD8 sign in your yard, field, and pasture land.



Thank you!


Looking to volunteer or show your support?

Contact Brockman for HD8
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